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SignsOfLife is an online shop, which has promised itself
vintage products, especially bags. At SignsOfLife we focus on offering only very special bags, which have a story to tell and which you might not see everywhere. Therefore we want to create a nice frame, through which online shopping becomes emotional, approachable and aesthetic again.

SignsOfLife's focus is on sustainability - because one thing is clear, buying vintage products is one of the best ways of sustainable consumption. Our name was created by this thought: SignsOfLife, the signs of life, which are passed on with every bag and therefore find a new carrier. That's why it is very important to us that not only the vintage idea itself is sustainable, but also our packaging, so we completely avoid plastic.

Our bags are inspected and controlled by experts, so you can be sure to buy a real one. Of course every bag comes with a certificate issued by SignsOfLife. Here you can learn more about our certificate of authenticity and everything that goes with it.


SignsOfLife was brought to life by Erik Scholz, he is content creator from Berlin. In the last 4 years Erik has made a name for himself in the fashion industry. He has managed to build a community in the high fashion sector and attends all international fashion weeks. Through these experiences and his fashion management studies he has been able to develop a feeling for trends and expertise in relation to brands.

The website of SignsOfLife was designed and developed by JONA & JONAS.


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